Photo 1 self portrait, photo 2 by Loki, photo 3 photographer unknown


Photo 1 self portrait, photo 2 by Paul Brown, following photos by Adam Patterson

      David Lyttle, musician, producer & songwriter, with his reel to reel Revox tape recorder  

Drummer, producer and songwriter David Lyttle   David Lyttle, musician, producer & songwriter  

Photo 1 by Rhea Lyttle, David at drums by Marian Bencat, David on his dirt bike, self portrait, David at keyboards, unknown

       David Lyttle on his dirt bike  David Lyttle at the MAC, Belfast

David Lyttle in Ouvea by Euan Burton, David & English Bull Terrier Bonnie (RIP) by John McCune

    David Lyttle and his brother's English Bull Terrier